Who Qualifies?

Could I be eligible?

To be eligible for Pennsylvania's SelectPlan for Women you must be:

  • A woman
  • Between the ages of 18-44
  • Not pregnant or sterilized
  • Income eligible, at or below 214 percent of the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines (check the chart below)
  • A Pennsylvania resident
  • A United States citizen or if not a citizen you need satisfactory immigration status and identification
  • Have no, or limited, health insurance

Even when you have other insurance, you may be eligible if:

  • Your insurance doesn’t cover all your family planning needs
  • Your insurance doesn’t cover prescriptions
  • You need confidentiality and are afraid of physical or emotional harm if you use your other coverage
  • You’re the parent of a child on Medical Assistance or CHIP

College students may qualify if you are 18 or older and have parents/guardians living in Pennsylvania. Or, you may qualify if you live independent of your parents/guardians, plan to stay in Pennsylvania indefinitely, and meet income guidelines–say, less than $1,700 a month if you’re single.

What’s the income limit?

Household Size Annual Income Limit Monthly Income Limit
1 $24,974 $2,082
2 $33,663 $2,806
3 $42,351 $3,530
4 $51,039 $4,254
5 $59,728 $4,978
6 $68,416 $5,702
7 $77,105 $6,426
8 $85,793 $7,150
Each Additional Person $8,689 $725