What's My Access Card?

About the ACCESS Card

The Pennsylvania ACCESS card is a permanent plastic card that is issued to people who are eligible for several different kinds of assistance. If you’ve ever received Pennsylvania assistance, you may have a card already.

Once you’re issued an ACCESS card, keep it.

Even if your assistance stops, you will need the card if you become eligible again. Some non-medical providers and schools use the ACCESS card to determine your eligibility for services.

What if my card is lost or stolen, or if I had a card a long time ago?

If you need a new card, contact the Change Center.

Statewide Change Center: 1-877-395-8930
Philadelphia Change Center: 215-560-7226

Do I have to renew or update my information to stay enrolled?

If you have any change in your life, like moving or a new job, it may affect your coverage. You must notify the Department of Human Services (DHS) change center by calling (877) 395-8930.

DHS will send you a renewal form each year, and you must return the form in order to remain eligible.

How do I know if my provider participates in SelectPlan for Women?

You can search for providers who are enrolled to participate in SelectPlan for Women by going to our provider search page. Provider Search