Why are these services so important?

Birth Control

Taking care of a baby costs at least $800 a month, and it’s just the beginning of a lifetime commitment. So we encourage everyone to think carefully before they get pregnant, or get pregnant again.

SelectPlan for Women covers many popular (and otherwise expensive) brands of contraception, so it can save you hundreds of dollars a year. The Plan doesn’t cover abortion.

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Check-ups, Pap smears, breast exams

Regular checkups can spot problems before they happen, and help you feel better every day. Regular Pap smears and breast exams can detect cancer early and save lives.

A Pap smear is a fast, simple test where a swab is taken of the outside of your cervix (the base of your uterus.) Like a breast exam, it’s a painless way to help detect cancer early when it’s much more treatable.

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Emergency contraception

Reliable birth control is always your best option. But if a condom slips or you have unprotected sex, emergency contraception pills can prevent pregnancy if you take them within 72 hours of having sex.

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STD testing and treatment

Regular testing for STDs can save your health and your life. Some of these infections can make it harder for you to have children, or lead to painful pelvic inflammatory disease. And some women have sexually-transmitted diseases (STDS) and don’t know it, even if they’ve been in a monogamous relationship for years.

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HIV testing and treatment

HIV is growing rapidly among women, including many who have never used drugs and are in long-term relationships. Today HIV is more treatable than ever, and the swab test is fast and painless. So it’s smart to get tested. You’ll feel
better knowing.

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