For Community Partners

What is a COMPASS Community Partner?

These community organizations, including medical providers, are registered by DHS to help people apply for many Commonwealth benefits via DHS’s online application system, COMPASS.

Why become a COMPASS Community Partner?

Community partners enjoy many benefits that help them serve their constituents more effectively:

  • Access to a streamlined, dynamic application for benefits
  • Ability to manage/track your COMPASS applications
  • Access to the status of applications you have filed – whether they are approved, denied, or still being processed
  • Ability to begin work on an application and save it for up to 120 days before submitting
  • Link to COMPASS applications you submitted in the past 120 days

If you are an MA Provider, and you use your MA ID when filing the application, you will receive notices of your patients’ eligibility, including their Medical Assistance ID numbers, to help you bill.

How does an organization become a COMPASS Community Partner?

  • Go to
  • Click on Register a new Community Partner or a new Community Partner user
  • Follow the instructions provided

More Information on Eligibility

Check out DHS’s rules regarding SelectPlan for Women eligibility, citizenship and indentification documentation:

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