Welcome to the SelectPlan for Women website with our most frequently asked questions and answers.

What is SelectPlan for Women?

SelectPlan for Women is a free family planning program.

The purpose of SelectPlan for Women is to expand the availability of free family planning and related health care services to eligible Pennsylvania women. SelectPlan for Women will improve birth outcomes for mother and child and the general health and well-being of women of child-bearing age.

Who is eligible for coverage under SelectPlan for Women?

Women between the ages of 18 and 44, who are United States citizens (or who have satisfactory immigration status) residing in Pennsylvania and have an income at or below 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines.You are not eligible if you are pregnant or sterilized. If you have other insurance you might be eligible if your other insurance does not cover all the family planning services you need.

What services are covered?

SelectPlan for Women covers family planning services, tests and supplies related to birth control, pregnancy prevention and preventive health care. It includes birth control and contraceptive management for all methods approved by the federal Food and Drug Administration and currently on the Medical Assistance fee schedule. SelectPlan for Women also covers family planning-related education, counseling and referral. Abortion is not a family planning service and is not covered. Sterilization is not covered.

What is an ACCESS card?

The ACCESS card is a permanent identification card that is issued to Medical Assistance recipients to verify their eligibility for health care services. The ACCESS card is used just as a health insurance card and is shown to the provider at the time of service. Learn more about the ACCESS card.

How long is the wait between application and approval?

You should be notified if you have been approved within 30 days of applying. If you are approved, your coverage begins the first day of the month in which your application was signed.

Can I receive care from a provider on the same day I complete a SelectPlan for Women application?

Yes, you can receive medical services on the same day you complete a SelectPlan for Women application and if you meet the eligibility criteria. You will not be able to fill a prescription until you have an ACCESS card.

Are teens eligible for services through SelectPlan for Women?

Teenagers under the age of 18 are not eligible for SelectPlan for Women.

Are college students eligible for SelectPlan for Women?

College students whose parents/guardians reside in Pennsylvania are eligible. If your parents live in another state you would only be eligible if you are emancipated from your parents and intend to live in P ennsylvania indefinitely. Whether or not you are emancipated depends on the level of financial and other support you receive from your parents.

Are non-U.S. citizens without legal residency eligible for SelectPlan for Women?

Non-U.S. citizens who do not have satisfactory immigration status are not eligible for SelectPlan for Women. Read about citizenship requirements (PDF download) citizenship requirement frequently asked questions and answers.

Are men eligible for the program?

Men are not covered through SelectPlan for Women.

If I already have health insurance am I eligible for SelectPlan for Women?

You are eligible if your insurance does not provide coverage for all of the services covered by SelectPlan for Women, or if you cannot use your insurance for family planning services because you are afraid you might be physically or emotionally harmed.

If I receive Medicare benefits am I eligible for SelectPlan for Women?

No, Medicare enrollees are not eligible for SelectPlan for Women.

Are women already enrolled in Medical Assistance or a Medical Assistance Managed Care Organization eligible?

No, Medical Assistance recipients are not eligible for SelectPlan for Women. Medical Assistance recipients can receive family planning services through their existing plan or program.

If I apply for SelectPlan for Women and am not approved, but my situation changes -- for instance, if I lose my job -- is there a waiting period before I can reapply?

There is no waiting period to reapply for SelectPlan for Women. A new application can be submitted at any time.

Who determines if an individual is eligible for services under SelectPlan for Women?

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services determines eligibility for SelectPlan for Women.

Do I have to renew or update my information to stay enrolled?

If you have any change in your life, like moving or a new job, it may affect your coverage. You must notify the Department of Human Services (DHS) change center by calling (877) 395-8930.

DHS will send you a renewal form each year, and you must return the form in order to remain eligible.